A Month’s-End Associated Press (AP) Photographic Celebration Of: NUCLEAR ⑉ Brick House

2022-11-15 15:42:57 By : Ms. Zola Liu

WARS AND RUMORS  of wars are here, now. We’d like to be able to tell you to see to it that you are not alarmed, but this looks pretty bad.

However! Right now, Hmm Weekly is still here, and we are still firmly committed to our monthly mission to use up The Brick House Cooperative’s unused monthly allotment of Associated Press photos. If we don’t use up those images, at each month’s end, they are atomized and scattered in the wind, and that’s a waste of good Associated Press imagery, as well as The Brick House’s finite operating expenses.

So, speaking of finite! In acknowledgement of the latest unpleasantness, this month’s topic is: NUCLEAR.

Congratulations! Your attentions span’s half-life has persisted all the way to the end of this month’s Associated Press Image Dump, which we also intend to have serve as a reminder that The Brick House Cooperative spends money to bring you the best—and, in this case, the most—online content we can. Please support us through our ongoing subscription drive or go ahead and make a one-time donation.

Thank you very much for reading, or at least looking at the pictures.

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