Valve says Steam’s regional pricing issue runs deeper than exchange rates, pledges to update recommendations more often | Game World Observer

2022-11-15 15:35:09 By : Mr. Jeffrey Liang

Valve has committed to updating its regional pricing recommendations for Steam developers more frequently. The company says this problem is bigger than just foreign exchange rates and should reflect different economic circumstances.

In a new update to its Steamworks documentation , Valve noted that it will refresh price suggestions “on a much more regular cadence.”

The company hopes to keep pace with economic changes over time. However, the frequency of these pricing updates remains unclear.

“Many games choose to ignore our recommendations and determine their own pricing in each currency, and that’s just fine,” Valve’s post reads. “But we hope the recommendations are a useful data point for developers who don’t have the time or interest to research pricing in each currency themselves.”

Update (October 25): Valve has revealed new recommended regional pricing for nearly all supported currencies. For example, updated recommended prices for $60 games in Turkey and Argentina are up over 450%. Other regions saw significant increases as well.

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